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Hotel Barcelona 1882

Visit Barcelona

One city, endless ways of seeing it

Each visitor sees a different city in the same one, Barcelona, where everyone finds something to fall in love with.

There are many ways to see it, visit it and discover it. We recommend a few. Discover our city and fall in love with it.

The Modernist City

Yes, Modernism, the architectural and decorative art movement which used curved lines and asymmetry and used nature as its source of inspiration.

A walk around Barcelona will allow you to discover Modernist buildings, shops and street furniture, and you will probably come across some of these eight wonders listed below which were declared World Heritage Sites. Two of them are next to our hotel but there are many more.

Click on their names and plan your visit:

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Hotel Barcelona 1882

Montjuïc Magic Fountain

Water, music and light play with each other to create an absolutely stunning show. There are so many possible combinations that you would need many lives to see them all!

A city icon since 1929.

Information and timetables

Castellers and popular festivals

The famous Catalan human tower, which ranges from six to ten levels, is one of Catalonia’s most important cultural events, with competitions and exhibitions taking place throughout the territory. If you want to see a castell from up close, click here for the events calendar.If your visit to Barcelona coincides with any of these popular festivals, go out on the street and celebrate with us!

Sant Jordi

April 23. Day of the book and the rose.

Sant Joan

June 23. Bonfire night. Large popular festivity

Gràcia Festival

August 15-21.

Hustle and bustle on the streets and entertainment. There is also a street-decoration competition and activities for children and adults.

Sants Festival

Different days around August 24.

Street-decoration competition, gegants dances and activities for children and adults.

La Mercè

September 21-24

The city’s main festival, with many shows and activities on different stages across Barcelona.

Shops with character

Walk around the city, do some window shopping and, if you like, go into the many unique, sustainable, century-old and Modernist shops. Local commerce which brings the city to life. Here are a few ideas:

Hotel Barcelona 1882

Near the hotel:

Shop map committed to environmental, social and economic sustainability : food, wines, cosmetics, etc.

Hotel Barcelona 1882

In Gràcia:

Routes to discover the most unique shops of the Gràcia district: art and crafts on the street and traditional shops.

Hotel Barcelona 1882

Around the city:

Century-old emblematic shops which have preserved their character and original activity for decades, some of them with Modernist decoration.

Hotel Barcelona 1882

Another way to discover Barcelona

Choose the Barcelona that you want to see or walk around at your own pace and discover the most curious features of this city.

BCN Paisatge App

: guide of the city’s urban landscape which you can download as an app: secret areas, original features, emblematic shops, photographs and routes on how to get to each described place.

Themed routes

: from the Roman city to modern days, from Picasso’s city to Miró’s, from the sea to the parks, etc.

Hotel Barcelona 1882


All landscapes, from land to sea, and an incredible variety of products. A long tradition cooked slowly, a touch of creativity and a twist of innovation.

Discover the rich Catalan cuisine made with local products. The contrast of flavours (meatballs with cuttlefish, chicken with lobster, etc.), the repertoire of dishes (from pà amb tomàquet to cannelloni) and the quality of the fresh produce will surprise you.

Try it on the menus of Bobò Bar and El Bosc Restaurant.

A first taste More information

Sustainable mobility

Walk, cycle and get around the city on public transport.

Getting around Barcelona is very easy, quick and comfortable. The extensive public transport network (metro, bus, tram, train or taxi) will take you anywhere you want to go.

Nearest metro stations:

Sagrada Familia — L2, L5 —

Verdaguer — L4, L5 —

Nearest bus stops:

C/ Sant Antoni Maria Claret / Nàpols — 45, 47, H8 —

C/ Lepant / Av. Gaudí — 19, V21 —

If you prefer to cycle, ask for a bicycle at reception. Barcelona has many miles of cycle lines which will allow you to get to places in a quick and safe way. You can check out the network here and plan your route.

If we all work together, we can achieve a sustainable and environmentally friendly tourism model. Thank you for your help. #ThinkGreen