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Hotel Barcelona 1882

Sustainable tourism


At Hotel Barcelona 1882 we are committed to promoting sustainability as a key element so that tourism can continue to be one of the main economic driving forces around the world. For this reason, we want to integrate the values and principles associated to sustainable development into our everyday activities and to the way we work, deal with clients, employees, suppliers, society in general and the environment.

Providing social value to the community

We collaborate with non-profit institutions and organisations who fight against food waste, empower people at risk of social exclusion and work on charity projects. We also prioritise the choice of local suppliers who work with social and sustainable values.

We have provided our community with the 1882 Maintenance Hours Bank. Our hotel maintenance staff spend two hours a month going to homes of people without resources and help them with any technical requirements they may have.

We have signed the ‘Barcelona + Sustainable’ Citizens’ Agreement and defined an action plan with objectives to reach.

We have also signed the Citizens’ Agreement for a more inclusive city of Barcelona and we carry it out through the El Putxet Foundation.

Winners of the CEHAT Award for Corporate Social Responsibility.

Our hiring policy is based on equality.

We are part of the School Path initiative.

We promote local commerce in our selection of suppliers and by spreading the word to our clients.

We are an accessible establishment.

Hotel Barcelona 1882

Commitment to local products and gastronomic culture

70% of our products are locally sourced.

We disseminate our gastronomy and local traditions.

We foster local culture, offering free exclusive cultural tours for our clients around the district.

We take into account the different dietary needs and food intolerances in our gastronomic proposals.

Hotel Barcelona 1882

Energy efficiency and sustainable water consumption

The hotel has the Gold LEED certification, which certifies that it was built under energy-efficient parameters and sustainable consumption. The hotel was awarded the B energy rating.

We communicate and raise awareness of sustainable consumption to our employees and clients.

Our hotel was recognised by Re Think Hotel 2018 as one of the top ten sustainable hotel renovation projects in Spain.

Ongoing process to obtain the certification of Environmental Quality Guarantee from the Government of Catalonia (Generalitat de Catalunya).

Hotel Barcelona 1882

Waste management and fight against food waste

We separate our waste collection and recycle waste directly. We also collaborate with local entities who can find further use for our waste.

Our employees receive environmental training and take part in CSR action plans.

Hotel Barcelona 1882

Sustainable mobility

We foster collective means of transport and provide clients with bicycles and information on the cycle lanes around the city.

Bicycle parking facilities available for employees.

Electric car charging station available for clients.

Izaka Hotel Management Code of Good Practice

The current Code of Good Practice determines the values, principles and rules which must be followed by each employee of Izaka Hotel Management and the companies they manage in their behaviour and actions.

The organisation’s ethical values constitute a basic pillar on which all of its activities of are based with the objective of providing an increasingly stellar service to anyone who comes to or collaborates with Izaka.

    These values are:

  • Guidance to people
  • Reconciliation of work and private life
  • Environmental protection
  • Excellence

    All the directors and heads of department have the following responsibilities:

  • Conveying the code to all employees.
  • Conveying the code to all employees.
  • Supporting and helping their teams with ethical dilemmas which may emerge at any moment.
  • Correcting any detected deviation in the compliance with the code of good practice.

    An ethical and responsible behaviour is based on:

  • Respect for the law
  • Honesty and trust
  • Integrity

    Responsibility to ensure that suppliers promote and respect the following principles:

  • Eliminating any form of child labour
  • Eradicating any form of forced or coerced labour
  • Avoiding discrimination of any kind in the workplace
  • Respecting maximum working hours and the established minimum wage.
  • Guaranteeing that its employees work under the established safety and health standards.
  • Respecting its employees’ freedom of association, organisation and collective negotiation without it resulting in any kind of penalty.
  • Obtaining and maintaining environmental permits for company operations in the event that they are required.
  • All suppliers must maintain a preventive approach towards environmental protection.
  • All suppliers must avoid being part of any type of corrupt activities, extortion or bribes.

    Commitment to the company’s assets, knowledge and resources

  • Complying with the Personal Data Protection Law
  • Adequate use of computer tools
  • Protection of confidential information

    Fraudulent or unethical practices which may be penalised or criminally prosecuted:

  • Misappropriation or improper use of company resources
  • Information manipulation
  • Bribes, corruption, illegal commissions and influence peddling.